Climbing the peak of Mt. Semeru Without stay at Hotel

Climbing the peak of Mt. Semeru Without stay at Hotel

Climbing the peak of Mt Semeru Without stay at Hotel
Climbing the peak of Mt. Semeru Without stay at Hotel - For the traveler, especially the climbers, who is not familiar with Mount Semeru? A mountain that is one of the highest peaks on the island of Java that is 3676 meters above sea level.

Mount Semeru offers an adventure that is not easy to conquer, because the climbing path here known extreme and full of obstacles. To conquer Semeru with an altitude of 3676 mdpl, then you need a normal time of 3 days 2 nights of climbing that you can go from the village Ranu Pane to the top of Semeru in tour package of trekking Mount Semeru Without Hotel.
Climbing the peak of Mt Semeru Without stay at Hotel duration of 3 days and 2 nights is a package that you can use to climb the peak Semeru that we offer for you nature lovers, then, how to travel route if you want to climb the summit mahamaru 3.676mdpl for 3 days?

Day 1: Surabaya or Malang - Kumbolo base camp
The participants will be picked up from the city of arrival can be from Surabaya or Malang, If the trip from the city of Surabaya, then we will lead the participants to Malang first. Until the city of Malang, then immediately go to the village Tumpang Malang, then headed to the village of Ranu Pani as a start point ascent to Ranu Kumbolo.

At Ranu Pane, climbers make preparations for climbing. Ensure physical and mental healthy and strong. Climbers also have to register Semeru climbers to local administrators. To get to Ranu Kumbolo the estimated time required is 4 to 5 hours of climbing with a lane practically light and not dangerous. Arriving at Ranu Kumbolo, it's time for a short break, having lunch and enjoy the kumbolo lake. After that the climbers set up tents and spend the night in kumbolo

Day 2: Sunrise at Ranu Kumbolo - Kalimati
Sunrise in Kumbolo lake is worth to be enjoyed. Being in Ranu Kumbolo can be an unforgettable experience, especially with its fresh and cool lake. In the morning before sunrise you should be up for preparation to enjoy the sunrise combined with the beauty of the lake Kumbolo. After that you can enjoy the breakfast and hot tea that has been provided by the porter

Satisfied with the beauty of kumbolo ranu, then it is time to continue climbing to kalimati. Climbing to kalimati takes 3 hours, after arriving at kalimati, setting up tent and rest.

Day 3: Semeru Summit - Surabaya/Malang
Climbing to the next spot of the Arcopodho kalimati and will be done in the early hours. Therefore, climbers must prepare a strong physical. Not only the streets are relatively not easy even to say this is a heavy track for the climbers. Before leaving the climbers should use warm jackets, gloves, and warm hats, because the weather is cold.

From Kalimati to arcophodo, the climb will take one to two hours. Just after that go directly to the peak Semeru which has a height of 366 meters above sea level, more or less takes three hours of climbing to the track to the top mahameru.

Until the peak of Semeru, then climbers will be able to see the sunrise and view from the top mahameru. Above the top of the climbers can make the best moment of life because it can conquer the highest peak on this island of Java.

Satisfied with the beautiful peak of Semeru, it's time to trek down to Kalimati, and then go direct to Ranu pani through Ranu Kumbolo. After arriving at Ranu Pani, there is already a staff who has been waiting and ready to deliver your journey to your destination as the end of Climbing the peak of Mt. Semeru Without stay at Hotel for 3 days 2 tonight.

Climbing the peak of Mt. Semeru Without Stay at Hotel

If you join us and want to know the price of hiking Mt Semeru without stay at hotel, the price we will offer has the following facilities:
  1. Private transport standard tourist by full air conditioned (Start -Finish).
  2. Tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc.
  3. 1 night camping at Ranu Kumbolo
  4. 1 night camping in Kalimati
  5. Entrance fee and Licensing to Mount Semeru National Park
  6. Eating supplies during the tour (Lunch, dinner and Breakfast)
  7. Mineral water during trekking tour
  8. English Trekking Guided
  9. Porter in Semeru
  10. P3k
Price is not included
  1. Travel insurance
  2. Individual needs
  3. Hotel/homestay