Easy Access to Climb Mount Semeru

Easy access to Climb Mount Semeru, East Java.

Easy Access to Climb Mount Semeru
Easy Access to Climb Mount Semeru or Travel route to mount Semeru - Climbing the mountain is now a hobby made by young people especially those who like climbing. This hobby can be regarded as one of the great sports activities to eliminate fatigue, but this is an unusual activity and requires tremendous stamina to do that.

Climbing activity has become epidemic and become viral in teenage world, therefore many young people like this activity. The various extreme track they traveled only to reach their goal of standing on the highest peak of a mountain or hill. Therefore, the preparation of the climbers of course very mature and sometimes before the long day, they do these activities, they are preoccupied with physical exercise activities to support the climbing activities.
Many mountain spots can be used as climbing objects, and usually the mountains that are targeted by climbers have certain conditions, one of the criteria is to have a very beautiful scenery when at the top or during the trip, moreover that the mountain they choose is a mountain that Has a challenging track where they can capture every journey reaching a peak in memory memories.

One of the favorite spot climbers is Mount Semeru located in East Java, Semeru Mountain is located between the two districts of Lumajang and Malang district, East Java is the most popular mountain for tourists. The peak of Mount Semeru is known by the name of Mahameru with an altitude of 3,676 Mdpl and its crater named Roro jongring saloko. The high mountain peak is very challenging, before climbing the climbers usually they must know first about the path climbing. And below is easy access to climb Mount Semeru we have to go if we want to climb mountains that used as a popular mountain:
  1. First, the route from Ranu Pane - Ranu Kumbolo
    Ranu pane is a lake located in ranu pane village, this lake is the starting route to climb Semeru mountain, more details, journey starting from Ranu Pane - Landengan Dowo - Watu Rejeng - Ranu Kumbolo. This route is a path that many used as the main choice of climbers, Trekking from this pathway spent only 4-5 hours journey. When we have arrived at Ranu Kumbolo you have to do the journey. In Kumbolo lake you can set up a tent to spend the night and enjoy the beauty around the lake known as paradise tour in Semeru.
  2. Second Route, Ranu Kumbolo - Kalimati
    The second track we will pass is Kalimati. To reach that place the journey starts from Ranu kumbolo and we have to pass the love hill, Oro-Oro Ombo, Cemoro Kandang, and Jambangan. Travel time is approximately 3 hours drive. In kalimati the climber must stay overnight before heading to summit semeru.
  3. Third, Kalimati - Arcopodo
    The next target is Peak Semeru, the journey begins at night at 12 o'clock towards Arcopodo - Cemara Tunggal and climbs to the top of Mahameru. This climb is not easy because it requires a really healthy physical condition because sand tracks are certainly very difficult to pass. Travel time from kalimati - Puncak Mahameru is 6 hours. Once you arrive at the peak of Mahameru it means you have successfully conquered the highest mountain on the island of Java.
    At this peak you will enjoy a magic of very beautiful scenery with a temperature of 4 ° -10 ° Celsius. From this peak the climbers can see some mountains like Bromo, Raung, Arjuno, Etc. As we know that Mount Semeru can be said as a mountain that is still active therefore before 9 am the climber is required to go down because of feared toxic fumes issued.

Easy Access to Climb Mount Semeru

That's all about a route and easy access to climb Mount Semeru. For the best time visit Semeru mountain tour can be done in June - September, not required to climb in the rainy season because the location of Mount Semeru is being closed because of frequent storms.