Mount Semeru 3676m DPL, East Java Indonesia

Mount Semeru 3676m DPL, East Java Indonesia

Mount Semeru 3676m DPL, East Java
Beautiful place all the way to Mount Semeru, East Java.
Mount Semeru is a phenomenal mountain that in between 2 districts of Lumajang and Malang regency. It has some amazing places as part of its natural beauty. Mount Semeru is also part of Bromo tengger semeru national park besides Mount Bromo.

As a mountain that has a reputation well known by climbers in Indonesia and in the world, it is not wrong if this mountain became one of the most famous peak targets in the archipelago. Why not, Mount Semeru in East Java is the highest mountain on the island of Java which is 3.676meter from sea level, which is soaring spectacularly. Therefore, many people ambitious to be able to stick a flag and leave footprints at the highest peak.

But in addition to climbing the peak Semeru, it turns out, in the opinion of the climbers who have been to Mount Semeru, there are some unique and interesting places that could be a stopover place before heading to the top. In addition to having an extreme path, the natural beauty that stretches along the journey to the top becomes an important point for climbers. All parts of the trip to Semeru Summit is an amazing experience that can not be forgotten.

Therefore, as for the beautiful places along the journey to the summit of Mount Semeru we will review as follows:
  • Kumbolo Lake (Ranu Kumbolo)
    This is one of the most interesting and most favored spot by climbers from the trip to the summit of Semeru. Ranu Kumbolo is a freshwater lake located in the Tengger Mountains, at the Leg of Semeru.

    The area of this naturally formed lake is ± 15 hectares and located at an altitude of 2400 Mdpl. During the climbing process no climbers missed this beautiful lake.

    Regarding the scenery, no doubt, Ranu Kumbolo is like a little paradise hidden on Earth. Surrounded by pine forests and hills full of grasslands, and make Ranu Kumbolo the best stopover place to unwind before continuing the climb. Climbers usually will spend the night by opening a tent on the edge of the lake, with a direct view of the lake.
  • Tanjakan CintaHave you ever watched a 5 CM movie or read the book? You must know the location of this one is a hill towards the hill that passes by climbers after stopping at Ranu Kumbolo. "Tanjakan Cinta" is a 45-degree incline that is surrounded by grasslands.

    According to the growing myth, the "love hill or Tanjakan Cinta" also has its own story for climbers. It is said that when climbing this hill with your partner, you should not look back (or towards the lake) because you might break up with your loved ones, and vice versa, if you can pass this incline without looking Back then all her wishes about love will be fulfilled by remembering the name of the person you are appraising. But all of that goes back to the omnipotent god.

    With this exciting story, "Tanjakan Cinta" becomes its own magnet for climbers. To be sure, if you want to pass this path, must prepare a strong physical, you can walk through it while enjoying the beauty of nature or run your 'love mission', the choice is in your hands. Interesting right?
  • Oro-oro Ombo Semeru
    After going through the "Tanjakan Cinta", the next amazing place that you can found is Oro-oro Ombo. Oro-oro Ombo is a vast field filled with Lavender plants. With overgrown many Lavender plants, making this spot the most popular spot by hikers to capture the moment in the form of photos and video.

    Another uniqueness of this place is the changing color of the field is influenced by the season. In the rainy season, grasslands will be filled with a purple Lavender flower, while when the dry season comes, this field will change color to yellow because the existing Lavender flowers to dry.

    It's not wrong if a lot of climbers who use their time as well as possible here because the atmosphere of Oro-Oro Umbo is a priceless treasure.
  • Kalimati
    This place is a transit location for hikers before continuing the trek to the summit of Mt. Semeru or Summit Attack. Kalimati name itself comes from the name of a river that has no water so that the local villagers named the place Kalimati.

    In the Kalimati area, you will be served by a wide meadow of pine trees. Kalimati is the safe end of the climb on Mount Semeru with an area of about 20 hectares.

    From this Kalimati too, you can see clearly the Spectacular Mahameru Peak, because this beautiful place is right at the foot of Peak Semeru.

Mount Semeru 3676m DPL, East Java Indonesia

With the natural wealth of Mount Semeru 3676m DPL, East Java Indonesia is a valuable place that should be preserved. Immediately prepare your holiday to climb the highest mountain island of Java.