The legend and Story of Mount Semeru

The legend and Story of Mount Semeru

The legend and Story of Mount Semeru
Before you know about the Mount Semeru more detail, there is no wrong if you know about Mount Semeru that is the highest on the island of Java. Mount Semeru or Mount Meru is one of the natural beauty that exist in the land of Java, with a height of 3,676 meters sea level. Mount Semeru is one of the volcanoes in Indonesia which has a conical shape, so that from a distance this mountain has a very beautiful view.

Indonesia, Besides having natural wealth and also has a wealth of culture. One of the most popular cultures in Indonesia is the culture of myths about the formation of a tribal area or even a mountain. One of the mountains in Indonesia which has a very strong myth is Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru. But this time we will discuss about the legend of Mount Semeru because Mount Semeru is one of the mountains that have folklore and legend that is very interesting about the process of its formation.

As we know that when along time ago, Indonesia is a country that gets the influence of Hinduism and also a very strong Buddhist. One of the influences from Hinduism up to now we can still see from the artifacts like Prambanan Temple and also other temples. Apart from the temple, we can also see the influence of Hinduism in the myth of the legend and story of Mount Semeru. Although not entirely a hindu story, the mythical story of Mount Semeru has a very thick Hindu aspect. In the end the legend of Mount Semeru is a legend with a mixture of influence of Java and also Hindu in it.

The legend and Story of Mount Semeru East Java, Indonesia
The legend and Story of Mount Semeru according to the people around that tengger tribe began in the ancient times where the story of the gods is still believed. The god who has the highest position of Bathara Guru, the god saw that the island of Java is an island that is always shaken and unstable. This troubled him, seeing the ever-growing human population and the need for land to live.

Worried about  that, Bathara Guru then made a hermitage to find a way out for Java Island to be a stable island, free from shocks that can be occupied by humans. Then he got the idea to put the burden on the island of Java. Heavy loads that can keep Java's ground from shaking. In the end Bathara Guru commanded the strongest divinity of the gods Bathara Wisnu and Bathara Brahma to bring a peak of Mount Meru from India and transport it to the land of Java.

To perform the task, Bathara Brahma turned into a giant tortoise to transport the peak of Meru called Mahameru on its back, while Bathara Vishnu transformed into a giant snake to tie Mount Mahameru on Brahma's back to make it easier and not to fall.

Because the mountain is so big, the two gods feel tired. During their break they saw the spring from the top of Mount Mahameru and tried to drink it to release the thirst, but it turned out that the water was poisonous and caused the two gods to Die. Seeing about this, Bathara Guru then quickly converted the poisonous water into a living water which was then called Tirta Kalamadu, after that Bathara Guru revived the god who died from drinking the water.

In the end Mount Meru or Mount Semeru successfully brought to the land of Java and placed on the west side of Java. The result, because the weight of the mountain meru, making the eastern tip of Java island to be lifted, Then the god beheaded some of the mountain meru and placed in the eastern end to make Java Island to be balanced. Among the mountains are placed in the west has the name of a Mount Pawitra, or commonly known as Mount Pananggungan, and the main part of Mount Meru located at the eastern end, currently commonly called by the name of Mount Semeru.

During the laying of Mount Meru in the eastern tip, Mount Meru brought by the god fell to form a new mountain during the laying process took place such as Mount Lawu, Mount Kelud, Mount Wilis, Arjuno and many other mountains. The mountain is believed also as a mountain to maintain the stability of Java.

The legend and Story of Mount Semeru

That's the folklore about the legend and Story of Mount Semeru, up to know the mountain Semeru become a popular tourist destination in eastern Java, Indonesia, not because of the mystical story but because of the beauty and the panorama is very spectacular.