Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Tour 2 days 1 night

Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Tour 2 days 1 night

Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Tour 2 days 1 night
Ranu Kumbolo is the best tourist destination at the foot of Mount Semeru, if you have a short vacation time and want to climb to Kumbolo, as well as want to enjoy the beautiful Ranu Kumbolo no harm if you use climbing package of Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Tour 2 days 1 night with us. By using our services in the climbing package to Ranu Kumbolo, of course this will make you feel comfortable. You do not have to think about transportation, eating, tents or anything else. All you have to do is enjoy the natural scenery and also the beautiful Kumbolo lake.

Things you need to consider in climbing to Kumbolo
When you want to follow the camping event to this lake Kumbolo, there are some things to remember and need to be well prepared. You need to bring a variety of personal equipment and mountain supplies including personal medicines, you can also add insurance if necessary.

This climbing event is certainly very fun, so keep in mind if your body should be really fit, so you can follow all the activities held. Another fun thing you will get when following this climbing event is you do not need to think about tents, camping equipment and also food, because it is included in the tour package of Ranu Kumbolo 2 days 1 night.
Trekking package to Ranu Kumbolo
Tour package climbing to this lake Kumbolo does have a fairly short duration is, 2 days 1 night. But it will not reduce the comfort and facilities as well as the beauty of the mountain location to be visited. Then how to do the agenda program to kumbolo for 2 days and 1 night, pay attention to the travel reviews below

The first day: Surabaya / Malang - Ranu Pane - Ranu Kumbolo
On the first day you will be picked up by our staff using a private car in the designated location that is in Surabaya or from Malang, then you will be invited directly to the village Tumpang, and headed to the area Ranu Pani.

After arriving in this Ranu Pani area, you will begin to walk about 4 hours to the lake area Kumbolo. What makes you comfortable is when walking is all the equipment will be brought by the porter. Upon arrival in the lake area, the team porter will arrange tents and various other camping equipment. Thus you can enjoy the view of the lake and also enjoy the beauty of kumbolo without being busy with the installation of tents.

After the tent installation is completed, there will be some activities to be held and certainly related to the camping event. At night you will receive dinner. After that free program, until finally time to rest.

The second day; Ranu Kumbolo Surabaya or Malang
On this second day, you will be able to enjoy the sunrise, and also explore the beauty of Ranu Kumbolo. You can also do shooting events from different sides of the scene. For the breakfast problem, you need not worry, because all the food has been prepared before it. After lunch, you will travel back to Ranu Pani. From this place you will be delivered to the pick up place. And ranu kumbolo trekking tour 2 days 1 night that we present finish.

Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Tour 2 days 1 night

If you join us and want to know the price of Ranu Kumbolo Trekking Tour, the price we will offer has the following facilities:
  1. Private transport standard tourist by full air conditioned (Start -Finish).
  2. Tent, sleeping bag, mat, etc.
  3. 1 night camping at Ranu Kumbolo
  4. Entrance fee to Kumbolo
  5. Eating supplies during the tour (Lunch, dinner and Breakfast)
  6. Mineral water during trekking tour
  7. Trekking guide
  8. Porter in Semeru
  9. P3k
Price is not included
  1. Travel insurance
  2. Individual needs